FATCAT - Bad Timing — Free Download in “Buy” Link!

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Jean Tonique - My Baby — New track available for free on the Millenium Disco vol.2 compilation by Shiny Disco Club

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young einstein - FUNKY FORTY MIX — 60 minute mix of funky soul and funky jazz

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Cee-Roo - Bring Colours To Your Life (feat. Myles Sanko) — Videoclip coming out the 7th of September. Credits: Lead Vocals - Myles Sanko Background Choir - Irina N. Mossi

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Ann Sexton - You’re losing me (JR.Dynamite Edits) - AIFF!! — Here it is folks.. an absolute soul burner, funkin’ clever dancefloor hit by the powerhouse singer, Ann Sexton - given some DJ Friendly, JR.Dynamite flavour for your ears.. Enjoy - Jez x

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Aretha Franklin - Baby I Love You ( Sammy Senior Remix) — Here’s a funky little remix I did to say thanks for supporting me and getting me to 3000 followers! Big Love to ya all! Sammy

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MIXED BY Bonobo — @bonobo When some faraway species reads stories to their youth about the history of mankind, the section on “Greatest Minds In Electronic Music History” will surely have a hefty chapter on Simon Green, better known to the world as Bonobo. For over a decade, Green has been capturing our membranes with his brilliantly architected brand of downtempo organic rhythms, swaying in the winds between beat-centric trip-hop, lush heavy basslines, and beautifully structured layers of live instrumentation. Tracklist:

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